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Sculptural vase Pieruga PV03 in Statuary marble


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Important sculptural vase carved by hand from a solid block of Statuary marble.

The precious white Statuary marble has always been the one preferred by sculptors and artists for their artworks. Known throughout the world, this beautiful marble has been used since Roman times in sculptural art for its luster and compact structure, characteristics that make it perfect to be worked with a chisel.

Limited edition of 35. Signed and numbered by hand. Certificate of Authenticity.

Height: 19.69 in. (50 cm) Diameter: 16.54 in. (42 cm)

Statuary marble.

Marble is a natural material, every piece is unique as each marble block is different in veins and color shades. All of our creations are handmade by Italian artisans and can slightly vary in shape and size. This is to be considered as a guarantee of a handmade object.