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Ants on Carrara - big centerpiece/serving plate in marble


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Lots and lots of ants in a single row going who knows where.

Centerpiece/Serving plate in white Carrara marble with polished brass inlay.


Height: 0.6 in. (1.5 cm)  Width: 17.72 in. (45 cm)  Depth: 8.08 in. (20.5 cm)

Also available:

Height: 0.6 in. (1.5 cm) Width: 17.72 in. (45 cm) Depth: 4.73 in. (12 cm)

Height: 0.6 in. (1.5 cm)Width: 10.24 in. (26 cm)Depth: 4.34 in. (11 cm)

White Carrara marble, polished brass.

Marble is a natural material, every piece is unique as each marble block is different in veins and color shades. All of our creations are handmade by Italian artisans and can slightly vary in shape and size. This is to be considered as a guarantee of a handmade object. Every piece is signed by hand.