Pieruga is a project very dear to us since, spending some time in Carrara working on a sculpture, we realized how much knowledge and skills of the ancient tradition are slowly being lost. Our reflection starts from the marble, a natural material that comes from bygone times and still accompanies us in everyday life, in work, in art, a material that knows how to adapt continuously to the needs of man.

Pieruga proudly creates elegant accessories and complements in marble through artisanal processes, bringing into dialogue ancient techniques of sculpture with advanced technologies. 100% made in Italy.

Our mission is a clear signal of opposition to the enormous waste that occurs in the extraction and processing of large blocks of marble, tons of material are discarded and thrown, in disfigurement to the generosity of our mountains. Few marble pieces are really useless nowadays, creativity and intelligent design are here to turn objects or materials which seem waste into something new and useful. Especially in a world where resources are scarce. Rediscovering the ancient art of manual sculpture we give new life to even the smallest fragment of marble, bringing to light its millenary beauty that is lost in more than 2000 years of architecture and sculpture.

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