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serving plate in black marble



Pieruga Marble items are made of precious and natural marbles and onyxes. Each piece is different from another, it will have its own color shades, veins and nuances. This feature makes each piece unique and precious. Marble is sensitive to liquids of acid nature, especially a prolonged contact with substances such as wine, lemon, vinegar, fruit juices, tomato, cola and alcohol can stain the surface. Cleaning should be carried out with a soft sponge, water and neutral detergent.

Do not use metallic or abrasive sponges, do not wash in the dishwasher, do not use in the microwave. The color of the marble after washing can undergo variations due to the humidity trapped in the superficial micro-pores. Once completely dry it will regain its original color.

The brass inlays tend to oxidize over time, to make them return to shine, use a soft cotton pad soaked in a solution of water and Marseille soap (Chanteclair), rub gently on the brass inserts and rinse the surface thoroughly. Pieruga Marble products are polished in long manual processes without the use of chemical liquids.